Three judges overturned just fine Razvozzhaev 150 thousand rubles assigned to him for illegal border crossing, as this article has expired Statute of limitations. In the rest of the sentence, the Supreme court refused to change.

At the hearing, Leonid razvozzhayev and Udaltsov was present via video conferencing. Before the announcement of the decision they cheerfully waved to supporters from the screen.

Last August the Moscow city court found them guilty of organizing mass riots on Bolotnaya square on 6 may by order Georgian politician and sentenced to 4.5 years of imprisonment. Leonid has already served more than half of the sentence — he was arrested in October 2012 and held in detention for nearly 2.5 years. On Wednesday its decision, the court stripped him of a fine of 150 thousand rubles.

Udaltsov same a year and a half was kept under house arrest, and 8 months served in prison after the court verdict. Razvozzhaev can ask for parole, and Udaltsov will be able to apply for PAROLE in late may.

«Not dangerous»

The Supreme court convicted asked to change the verdict of the Moscow city court. Udaltsov and his lawyer Violetta Volkova demanded to cancel the decision of the Moscow city court and render an acquittal. And Leonid and his lawyer Dmitry agranovskii asked the three judges to commute the sentence.

«Udaltsov is a true Russian patriot, he did not commit that crime act which he is charged,» was performed at the court session Volkova.

«The country has changed, and the defendants no longer have any political opportunities and are not able to destabilize the situation,» spoke agranovskiĭ. He noted that his client, Leonid razvozzhayev suffered from many diseases and several years in the colony can threaten his life.

Prosecutors, in turn, opposed the change of the sentence. «The court’s decision is lawful and justified, reasons for changes,» the Prosecutor spoke.


At the end of July 2014, the three judges of the Moscow city court presided over by judge Alexander Zamashnoi recognized Udaltsov and Razvozzhaev guilty of organizing mass riots in 2012 on Bolotnaya square on order and money on Georgian politician Givi Targamadze.

As follows from the sentence of the court, with the alleged «customer» Udaltsov and he was introduced to the opposition activist Konstantin Lebedev. He also, according to the investigators, organized their meeting in Minsk to discuss the terms of cooperation.

As argued Lebedev, acting as a witness in court, the opposition was in desperate need of funding and Targamadze was useful to them, but they were not going to fulfill all his requirements and were forced to cooperate with him.

In the end, according to the materials of the case, Targamadze several tranches transferred to the defendants in the case 30 thousand dollars, and those involved in the riots. They bought a car, rented an apartment Razvozzhaev and in February 2012 organized a training camp in Lithuania. There they conducted workshops and trained activists, civil protests, showed a video with a good stock from other countries.

Mass riots in Moscow it was decided, according to the verdict, to arrange on may 6 on Bolotnaya square during a rally of the opposition «March of Millions». For this purpose, according to the court sentence, Udaltsov stopped the convoy of the opposition near the Large stone bridge and sat down on the ground, declaring that staged a strike. «Udaltsov, acting in concert with other persons, with the aim of crowds on a limited land area, personally sat on the pavement and called to follow his example», — stated in the verdict.

As follows from the materials of the case, the demonstrators resisted the appeals of the defendants and began to break through the cordon and ignore the legitimate demands of the police, and throw in a custody order, the rocks, beer bottles and resist. Among them were, according to the investigators, Vladimir Akimenkov, Maxim Luzyanin and Maria Baronova, later detained for participating in mass riots.

After riots in the capital were successful — stated in the sentence — Targamadze propose to increase funding and to arrange similar events in other cities across the country. For this Udaltsov and Leonid in July-August 2012 arranged a tour of the cities of the country, visited Kursk, Belgorod, Voronezh, Tambov, Novosibirsk, Kazan and Volgograd.

According to the text of the sentence, traveling around the country by car Razvozzhaev Audi A6, the defendants conducted their propaganda among the people, encouraged them to participate in the new mass riots and collected personal data in order to inform the activists about the stock SMS.

As follows from the case, once in October 2012 was first broadcast transmission «Anatomy of protest -2», Udaltsov was detained in his house, and Leonid went to the Ukraine, but then he was arrested and taken into custody. In fact, the same is his voluntary surrender, in which he claims that he returned home because «is a patriot and repent of their deeds».

Nor brave, nor Razvozzhaev not admitted guilt of these crimes. They insisted that Targamadze were strangers and did not receive from him any money. The defendants also denied that he planned to organize riots on Bolotnaya square. Version Udaltsov, a sit-down strike, he announced due to the fact that the passage to the place of meeting was almost blocked by a cordon of police.

Breakthrough of the cordon, according to the defense, provoked the police, who began to strengthen this cordon and create a stampede.

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