«We are all aware that the fate of the free Europe depends on Ukraine. Their front line «freedom» is including to us», — quotes Nuland radio station «Voice of America».

Nuland said that the United NATO forces now act on sea, on land and in the air in Poland, Bulgaria and Romania, and the North Atlantic Alliance rapidly increases on the Eastern borders. «You must create the command and control centers in all six frontline States. NATO is a defensive Alliance. Our goal is to deter aggression. But if this tactic will be disappointed, we must be ready». said assistant U. S. Secretary of state.

Nuland did not specify which six countries it considers the frontline. Ukraine borders with four NATO countries: Romania, Hungary, Slovakia and Poland. Russia shares borders with four countries of the Alliance: Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Poland.

The U. S. state Department spokesman also stressed that the main goal of the USA and NATO is the cessation of violence in Ukraine. While it is difficult to say to what extent Washington is ready to achieve this.

Nuland also said to improve the situation «very easy». «At the moment when Russia will help Ukraine to regain control of its borders and will cease to pour oil into the fire, the situation will begin to improve. The flow of weapons will stop the refugees will return home, the sanctions will be lifted, and confrontation, which Moscow calls domestic conflict, it will remain».

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